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Fertility Treatment

As per the World Health Organization, the definition of infertility is the failure to conceive following twelve months of unprotected intercourse.

Unfortunately, today’s hectic and stressful work environment, coupled with an unbalanced lifestyle, has brought a lot of couples to face with this issue.

We understand that it is a very distressing phase for a couples and they need a reliable expert to discuss their problems with.

Dr. Astha Gupta, who is a specialized fertility / IVF expert doctor is highly experienced, and the technology and processes she uses, ensure about a great success rate amongst the pioneers in the country.

Most importantly, Dr. Astha Gupta at FertiUro Solutions, provides a safe, supportive and comforting environment to help the couples through this period.

If you’ve been unable to conceive within a reasonable period of time, seek help from your doctor for evaluation and treatment of infertility.

You and your partner should be evaluated. Your doctor will take a detailed medical history and conduct a physical exam.

Both partners will undergo a set of investigations to find out the cause why couple is not able to conceive naturally. According to the problem, couple will be directed for right treatment plan.